My major concerns

These days I feel like I live a very comfortable life. My immediate personal life is going well. Work is not too stressful. Non existent money problems. My boyfriend behaves well. I don't have too much health issues. (I have some tiny ones but they are under control - perhaps the topic of a different post).

My mom's health, however, is the subject that worries me. My mom is in general good health. But since she has the vaccine, she has been complaining about heart tightness and that it hurts. I am not sure if she has the heart disease or this is an unfortunate temporary side effects of her vaccine.

Am I worried? I am. She lined up some neighbors to take her to the hospital if things go bad. At the same time there is nothing much I can do.

As much as we plan our lives in 30 minute increments, there is always the inevitable. The one fact that nobody can escape from.

I can only accept it.

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